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As our participants discover genetic matches, they often also are able to link their traditional genealogy research (aka paper, libraries, books, family heirlooms, etc) and find answers to their family trees. Sometimes these answers are definitive and unlock mysteries which for years have stymied researchers. Other times (and most often), they simply provide critical clues to guide future research.

The family groups below are those which we collectively have defined. They are usually spearheaded by one or two researchers, and where that is the case, we will include their contact information.

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Abel Lee,b.Oct. 8, 1783 NCorVA, d. Dec. 25, 1859


Abner Lee, Buckingham, VA in the mid 1700s.

Potential Abner Lee line from Buckingham, VA in the mid 1700s.   

Bryan Lee, NC. who Died in New Hanover County in 1768

In 1716 David Lee lived in Chowan County, North Carolina, where he owned a plantation called Wallowing Root. His wife was Mary Sullivan, daughter of Darby Sullivan. David Lee moved from Chowan County to Bath County, North Carolina, where he purchased land in 1720. In 1724, he sold his land in Bath County and moved down the coast to New Hanover County, where he patented land on Black River and where he died in 1743. The oldest son of David Lee was Bryan (Bryant) Lee, who died in New Hanover County in 1768. Bryan Lee's son, Solomon, married Temperance Spearman, daughter of Andrew and Mary (Farris) Spearman. Solomon Lee served in the American Revolution in the militia from Wilmington District. He died in New Hanover County in 1818. His known children were: Bryan, who died in the War of 1812 in Louisiana; James, Jr.; William, Jr.; Sarah; Solomon, Jr., born 1784, who married Meriby____; Bridget, born 1785, who married James Thomas, and settled in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana; Elizabeth,   

Lee / Leas of Caswell County, NC

This research group being championed by Dr. Cynthia Forde is exploring the various Lee / Lea lines from Caswell County, NC. Lines. To participate in this study and be included in the subgroupings below, paper-based genealogy research has to prove the lineage in addition to DNA results.   

Main lines being researched include:

William Lea of Cobbs Creek

- Proven brother to John Lea of Richland Creek
  Lines included in this group:
  - James of William Lea (Cobb's Creek) b. bef 1710 King and Queen County, NC, d. 1762 Orange County, NC

John Lea of Richland Creek

  - Proven brother to William Lea of Cobbs Creek
  Lines included in this group:
  - Edmond/ John Lea (Richland Creek) b. ca 1716 King & Queen County, VA d. 1781 Caswell County, NC
  - Owen/ John Lea (Richland Creek) b. ca 1716 King & Queen County, VA d. 1781 Caswell County, NC
  - William Elliott/ John Lea (Richland Creek) b. ca 1716 King & Queen County, VA d. 1781 Caswell County, NC
  - Ambrose/ John Lea (Richland Creek) b. ca 1716 King & Queen County, VA d. 1781 Caswell County, NC

James Lea of Country Line

  Lines included in this group:
  - Luke of James Lea (Country Line) b. ca 1718 VA, d. bef Mar 1792 Caswell County, NC
  - Major Sr of James Lea (Country Line) b. ca 1718 VA d. bef Mar 1792 Caswell County, NC

Henry Lee, Cheshire England. Immigrated 1650 and settled in Boston. Son Daniel

Daniel Lee, Mass Revolutionary soldier. Settled in Oneonta, Otsego Co. NY aftr the war. Informaiton from his diary reveals he was a direct descendant of Henry Lee, who came from Cheshire, England, in 1650 and settled in Boston. Daniel Lee's son, Willard born Feb 9th, 1800 Died November 1, 1865. Morrell Lee Born March 9, 1828 Died May 1, 1915. Milo Mortimore Lee Born January 20, 1864. Moved to Kansas and died in Lakeland, FLorida. His son, Cyrus Leland Lee born 1899 in St. Mary's, Kansas. Died in St. Petersburg, Florida.   

James & Mary Lee, MD

Descendants of brothers James and Robert Lee, sons of James (b. c. 1690-dec'd. 1764) & Mary Lee (b. c. 1695-dec'd. 1756-'64) of Frederick Co., Md., who both ended up living their later years in Spartanburg Co., S.C. James jr.'s likely son, Amos Lee, lived on 150 acres of land sold him by James and Elenoer Lee (Jim's 2nd wife) in 1803, and just over the border in what was then known as Union District, S.C.   

James B. Lee, SC. Born 1804 (possibly in Edgefield County, SC) and died in Chester C

Born 1804 (possibly in Edgefield County, SC) and died in Chester County on 8 January 1876. Lived in Blackstock / Halselville area of Chester County) Married to Mary Cockrell. Children include: Tyre (m. Mary Caroline Hunt) Nancy Andrew C. Mary A William H. and Martha A.) NOTE: There may be a Jennings connection to this male line before 1804.   

James Madison Lee 1820-1898 Bulloch Co, GA


John G. Lee, VA b abt 1797. d. 18 May 1860 Patrick County VA

1 John G LEE b: Abt. 1797 d: 18 May 1860, Patrick Co., VA; .+Susan FRANS b: 1804 m: 13 January 1823 d: Bef. September 1841 2 Peter Alexander LEE b: Bet. 3 November 1823 - 1824 d: 4 January 1868 ....+Anna Mariah FRAZIER b: 18 April 1827 m: 14 August 1845 d: 27 March 1906 2 Susan LEE b: Abt. 1832 2 John A LEE b: Abt. 1833 .... +Elvira G (?) PHILLPOT b: Abt. 1838 2 Mary Polly LEE b: Bet. 1836 - 38 d: 5 November 1862 2 Joseph LEE b: Abt. 1840 *2nd Wife of John G LEE: . +Nancy FRANS b: 1810 m: 22 September 1841 d: 18 November 1876 2 Lucy E LEE b: 16 July 1842 d: 29 September 1932 .... +Bejamin CORBIN b: 5 September 1825 m: Aft. 1880 d: 8 January 1920 2 Harden LEE b: 1 November 1843 d: 25 March 1918 .... +Lucinda CLARK m: 3 October 1871 d: Bef. 1880 *2nd Wife of Harden LEE: .... +Mary D HARDY b: 17 July 1861 m: Bef. 1878 d: 19 April 1937 *3rd Wife of Harden LEE: .... +Martha J WILLIAMS b: Abt. 1857 m: 14 May 1878 *4th Wife of Harden LEE: .... +Mary UNKNOWN b: Abt. 1862 m:   

John P. Lee b. 1828 TN, d. 1877 Paris, Lamar Co. TX. married Sophia June Dodson


John Robert E. Lee, b.c. 1864, Guadeloupe Co., TX


Lees of VA. Richard the Immigrant / Robert E Lee lines

This is the infamous "Robert E. Lee" line that so many families have long been rumored to be part of. We have two proven male descendants of this line in our study, which therefore allows anyone participating to know with science if they are part of this famous Lee line or not.

Many people decide to join DNA testing after family verbal history has them part of this line through a cousin, brother, etc. We are excited to have this line represented here in our Lee study to help those testing know if they should continue to research this line, or (just as importantly!), look to other Lee histories for their lineage.   

Peter Lee (1770 VA-1854 White County, IL)

TBD - more information needed   

RALPH LEIGH (est 1560) Carmarthen, Wales...John Lee b. 1671 Warwick Co, VA d. 1738

See this site for a connection to the Leigh line: This line is further defined in the LeighI1 Family Project at FTDNA, and there may be a study of this line ongoing at Anestry DNA (Lee) as well.